SureFire P90 Lamp Fits Z3 C3 9P

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SureFire P90 Lamp Fits Z3 C3 9P

SureFire P90 Lamp Fits Z3 C3 9P

Surefire Lamp Assemblies for D3, Z3 & C3.

Both models are for: use in the D3, Z3, and C3 lights. Surefire's standard long life P90 Lamp Reflector Assembly produces an amazing 105 lumens of white light with approximately 1 hour of run time.

Do not use rechargeable LFP 123A batteries with the P90 lamp assembly or with other incandescent illumination tools. 

Fits: 9-volt incandescent flashlights with a 1.25" bezel For the D3, C3 & Z3 105 lumens for 60 minutes Fits in the SC1 Spares Carrier for field deployment.

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