Leather Slapper

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#1410 Leather Slapper

Leather slappers or blackjacks inches as they are also known have been used by law enforcement for generations. It has a thick leather outer skin that is sewn around flexable steel handle and has molded lead in the striking end. The steel keeps the unit rigid but allows a little give when you strike something. Slappers are flat and slip right into a pants pocket almost un-noticed. This was a very effective weapon when law enforcement use to carry them. In fact, many police departments had a special pocket built into the officer feet s uniform. It was usually down the side of the leg and would allow the leather strap to hang out. Most departments do not allow officers to use this weapon anymore, but a lot of collectors want them for their collections. This unit is 11 inch long and has a leather strap to help you keep your grip.
Please note : The slappers we sell are for novelty purposes and not meant to be carried for self defense. If you use this item in self defense or get caught carrying them in any state you will likely get in trouble.

  • 8.5 Inch Lenght

  • Top Grain Leather

  • Full 10 oz. Weighted

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