1911 Style with Rails, Kimber, TLE/RL, and Springfield (R1911 S)


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1911 Style with Rails, Kimber, TLE/RL, and Springfield

Introducing the new FOBUS Evolution (E2) Series 1911 Holster. The E2 series is the next step in the evolution of holster development. A tension adjustment screw is incorporated to allow the user to customize the ease of presentation and the security of retention, functioning with the proven FOBUS passive retention design.

The new E2 series features one-piece holster body construction, and like all FOBUS Holsters, the E2, is lightweight and includes steel reinforced rivet attachment and a protective sight channel. The paddle also includes a rubberized insert to provide both comfort and stability.
Available in paddle, belt, and Roto-Holster™ models.

Tension adjustment screw
Rubberized paddle
One piece holster body construction
Steel reinforced rivet attachment system
Protective sight channel

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