Bagmaster Bonded Drop-Leg Tactical Thigh Holster w/ Mag Pouch


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Bagmaster Bonded Drop-Leg Tactical Thigh Holster w/ Mag Pouch

Bagmaster has developed this nice and nicely affordable drop-leg thigh rig with an integrated magazine pouch on the holster unit. These are called “bonded” because the layers of nylon are bonded to a high density foam core giving the nylon surfaces extra comfort, support, and protective qualities while maintaining softness and flexibility. The drop leg holster unit is fully adjustable vertically and has two adjustable thigh straps. The holster unit includes a snap thumb strap for retention and security. Best of all, these are Bagmasters which means they are made in the USA and Guaranteed for Life!

  • Cordura® nylon layers are bonded to a slender, high-density closed-cell foam core.
  • Has a quick-release, reinforced thumb-break.
  • Quick-release buckles and a strap combination of webbing and elastic secure the rig to your thigh and keep it secure while running or climbing.
  • Hook-and-Loop fasteners provide up and down adjustment.
  • BTR 1 models have one extra magazine pouch. Each pouch will hold one (38-9MM-40-45 caliber) magazine.
  • Right hand only.
  • Color: Black

These holsters are available in two semi-universal size options, Medium or Large. Size and Fit:

Medium: Beretta Model 20, 80, 84, 85 & 87 Cheetah and Model 8000/8040F Cougar 9mm; Colt Officers Model 45 and 1991 A1 Compact; Star PD45, 31P, 31PK and Firestar Plus & M43; Glock 17 -19 -22, 23, 26, 27, 28 & 29; S&W Sigma 380, Sigma 9C/40C, 9F/40F, 9V, 909, 910; Ruger KP89, 90, 91, 94, KP93 Compact, P85, 89, 95 and similar.

Large: AMT Hardballer & Govt Model 45; Browning High Power; Colt Govt Model, Combat Commander 45; Beretta 92/96 F & D; Browning BDM; Glock 20 & 21 and similar

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