Bagmaster Bonded Nylon Ankle Holster Right Hand


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Bagmaster Bonded Nylon Ankle Holster Right Hand


Bagmaster Manufacturing offers this nice little ankle holster with a calf strap (that can be used or not depending on your preference). It’s as tough as nails, made in the USA and Guaranteed for Life, just like all Bagmaster products. The ergonomic one-piece design provides the user with a comfortable, secure, and accessible way to conceal carry. It’s called “bonded” because the layers of nylon are bonded to a high density foam core giving the nylon surfaces extra comfort, support, and protective qualities while maintaining softness and flexibility.

  • Cordura® Nylon layers are bonded to a slender high density closed cell foam core.
  • Has a quick-release, reinforced thumb-break.
  • Removable/adjustable elastic calf-strap.
  • Color: Black

The holster unit is a simple “pouch” style making it what we call “semi-universal” within general size categories of small, medium, and large. The holster unit is mounted on the right side of the band but with ankle holsters, it depends whether you prefer to carry on the outside of the leg or inside, or even crossdraw or forward carry. This holster is available in Right Hand Carry only.

Sizes and fits:

Small: AMT 380 & 45 Backup; Beretta Model 21; Colt Mustang and Mustang Plus II; Davis P-380 & P32; FIE 25; Iver Johnson 25; Jennings J22 and J25; Lorcin L22 and L25; Raven MP25; Taurus PT 22 & 25; Walther PP, PPK or PPKS and similar

Medium: Bond Arms BATB, BACTK; Colt Govt Model 380; S&W 2213/2214; Sig Sauer P230; Colt Detective Special; S&W J-Frame 5 shot revolvers with up to 2.5″ barrels and similar

Large: Beretta 20, 84, 85 Cheetah & 8000/8040 Cougar; Browning BDA 380; Colt Officer Model 45; Glock 26, 27, 29 & 30; H&K P7K3; Intratec Cat 9, 380, 40, 45; Kahr K9; Lorcin L380 & 32; Norinco 59 Makarov; S&W 39 & 69 series and Sigma 380; Star M40, 43 & 45 Firestar; Taurus PT 908, 945; Walther P5 and similar

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