Bagmaster Double Harness Vertical Nylon Shoulder Concealment Hol


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Bagmaster Double Harness Vertical Nylon Shoulder Concealment Holster


Bagmaster Double Harness Vertical Nylon Shoulder Concealment Holster

Bagmaster has developed this nice nylon ambidextrous vertical shoulder holster rig with a double harness system. I like this holster unit because it is quilted to be extra padded yet soft and flexible. When you have something stuck against your chest all day, softness counts! The double harness distributes the weight evenly to both shoulders and maximizes comfort for a long day of concealed carry. The tough nylon harness straps are plenty adjustable as are the dual drop harnesses. The harness is design to allow the holster to clip to it. This means you can use this same harness with a Bagmaster horizontal shoulder holster unit — in case you’re feeling especially upright some day and other days, you’re in a horizontal mood!

  • Constructed with a quilted Cordura® nylon body.
  • Fully adjustable standard thumb-break.
  • Quick-release buckles secure the holster to the harness and allow you to switch from one style of holster to another.
  • Works both right or left hand.
  • Fully adjustable hold-down to belt strap.

Double Harness Features:

  • Harnesses are a combination of polypropylene webbing, woven elastic goring, and nylon hardware.
  • Works both right or left hand.
  • Accommodates holsters or mag pouch accessories on both sides at once (see link below for Off-Side Double Mag pouch)
  • Off-side hold-down strap included.

• Color: Black

The holster units are available in three semi-universal size options for a wide variety of guns. The harness is universal one size fits all. Select size preference when ordering…or else we won’t know what to send you! Reference the link below for the Bagmaster Horizontal Shoulder Holster.

  • Small: Beretta 80 Series; Glock 17 – 19 – 22, 23; Ruger P85-P91, ; S&W 3900 and 5900 Series; All revolvers with 3″ barrels or similar guns.
  • Medium: Beretta 92; Browning Hi-Power; Colt Govt Model 45; Glock 20, 21; S&W 645, 745; All revolvers with 4″ barrels or similar guns.
  • Large: AMT Longslide 45 with 7″ barrel; Browning & Ruger Target .22’s with 5.5″ to 7″ barrels; Desert Eagle 7″ barrel; All revolvers with 5.5″ TO 6.5″ barrels or similar guns.

These Bagmaster brand holster units are the real deal. Because they’re Bagmaster, you know they’re American Made with only the finest materials and workmanship. And each one is backed by the Bagmaster “Guaranteed for Life” commitment. If anything ever fails on this item, stitching, materials, whatever, Bagmaster will replace it.

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