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The mechanism of the Balisong Trainer corresponds to that of a real Balisong knife. The dummy installed, instead of a blade, classifies it at the same time clearly as a training device.

The stainless steel blade, rounded at the edges, is provided with circular recesses for direct distinction from sharply ground blades.

The sturdy stainless steel handle is equipped with open handle scales of red G10.

For safe playing and training.

Comes with clip.

  •  Training Knife
  •  9,13 in
  •  4,06 in
  •  0,11 in
  •  5,43 oz
  •  Stainless Steel
  •  G10
  •  No
  •  Manual
  •  Balisong
  •  Asia
  •  Red
  •  Uncoated
  •  01BO712

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