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Barrett M107 .50 Cal Magazine

Barrett Model M82A1 magazines in 50 BMG feature a body manufactured from 1018 cold-rolled steel. They are then given a moly titanium Teflon self-lubricating finish. Barrett factory magazines feature anti-tilt followers and stress-relieved chrome silicone springs for the ultimate in reliability. Designed for the models M82A and M107.

The Barrett Model 82A1 rifle gained worldwide popularity after pioneering the return of shoulder fired big-bore rifles for shooting enthusiasts.  As a result of its unique operating cycle, the M82A1 easily fires the largest commercially available cartridge in the world, the .50 caliber.  Yet, the Barrett M82A1 develops the lowest recoil force of any comparable rifle.

The M82A1 operates on the short-recoil principle developed by the famed American gun designer, John M. Browning.  Founder Ronnie Barrett adapted this operating principle to a shoulder fired rifle.  The recoiling barrel and bolt assembly acting against innovative spring and buffer assemblies replace the sharp recoil impact with a longer-acting lower recoil force.  To further reduce the recoil load, the M82A1 is fitted with a dual chamber muzzle brake.  The muzzle brake redirects high velocity gun gas to lower recoil by almost 70%.  The net effect is a rifle with the felt recoil of a 12-gauge shotgun.

Magazine is sold as pictured and both are in similar quality. The round is not included. Both magazines are legitimate items and are stamped with, “Barrett MFG., INC.”

Barrett Magazine Specs

Caliber:  50 Browning Maching Gun
Capacity:  10 Round
Finish:  Black
Model:  M107A1
Material:  Metal
Type:  Box Magazine
Model Fit:  M107A1
Brand Fit:  Barrett

Barrett Magazine Barrett Magazine

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