BLAZE Cooking Fuel Gel Sterno


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These are popular and easy to find since they are mass produced as chaffing fuels.  They don’t burn very hot, but are able to warm up food and keep it warm for hours.  Jelled fuels is a bit safer than liquid alcohol fueled stoves in that they are less volatile and if tipped over they don’t spill flaming fuel everywhere, making them a good choice for young campers or scouts.  Unfortunately, gelled alcohol is usually packaged in a can with a small top opening and poor ventilation that only allows for limited burning and may not provide sufficient heat output to cooking with.


Advantages include:

  • can be found at many grocery, sporting goods, and food services stores

  • relatively safe to use (low volatility, and spill proof)

  • resealable containers

  • good for simmering

  • crushable and disposable stove


Disadvantages include:

  • may not be able to achieve temperatures sufficient to boil water or cook food

  • very slow to boil/cook

  • need separate pot stand

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