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Cammo Brother’s speed loaders are a fast and efficient way to reload your magazines. Easily load up to 20 rounds with a simple pull of the lever, your mag will be full in just a small matter of time! Designed with durability in mind, these loaders are built from a high density nylon fiberglass and come with a lifetime warranty! If you have any issues with your speed loader, the company will replace it free of charge!

Currently, we stock Cammo Brother’s loaders for an AR-15, SKS, and the AK-47! We also offer loaders for other firearms, be it revolver or semi-automatic.

Come by and get yours today or order online and we will be happy to ship your own speed loader!

Speed Loader filled with rounds

Distributed by White River Knife and Tool company, a company that knows quality, this loader will outlast competition magazine after magazine. It’s easy to operate! After opening the pivoting lid, load twenty rounds in the loader. Push your magazine in to the open slot at the bottom of the loader. Close back the lid and slide the rounds into the magazine. Then you’re done! Stop loading the old fashioned way and save yourself from sore thumbs! Quickly and effortlessly load your magazines with the Cammo Brother’s Speed Loader today!

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“Cammo Brothers – Innovative firearm accessories and tactical gear. White River Knife and Tool is the exclusive manufacturer of Cammo Brothers Mag Loaders – Fast and efficient loading for high capacity magazines. All Cammo Brothers loaders are covered by our “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Any loader returned for any reason will be replaced free of charge. 100% made in the U.S.A.”

You have experienced the hassle of other loaders, now experience the ease of the best! This is one purchase you will not regret! Order yours today!

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