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 I Corps “America’s Corps” is a corps of the United States Army headquartered in Joint Base Lewis-McChordWashington. It is a major formation of United States Army Forces Command.

I Corps’ current mission is part of the United States’ Asia-Pacific Shift. The Pacific Rim Rebalance will involve several combined and joint military exercises in JapanKoreaThailandPhilippines, and Australia. Part of I Corps’ objectives for these exercises will be Joint Task Force certification in support of United States Pacific Command missions.[2]

Activated in World War I in France, I Corps oversaw US Army divisions as they repelled several major German offensives and led them into Germany. The corps was deactivated following the end of the war.

Reactivated for service in World War II, the corps took command of divisions in the south Pacific, leading US and Australian forces as they pushed the Japanese army out of New Guinea. It went on to be one of the principal leading elements in the Battle of Luzon, liberating the Philippines. It then took charge as one of the commanding headquarters in the occupation of Japan.

Deployed to Korea at the start of the Korean War, the corps was one of three corps that remained in the country for the entire conflict, commanding US, British, and South Korean forces through three years of back-and-forth campaigns against North Korean and Chinese forces. Following the end of the war, it remained in Korea for almost 20 years guarding the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Active today, the corps acts as a subordinate headquarters of United States Army Forces Command, and has also seen deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.


Active 1918–present
Country United States United States
Branch  United States Army
Type Corps
Part of United States Army Forces Command
Garrison/HQ Joint Base Lewis-McChord(Forward at Camp Zama, Japan)
Nickname “Eye Corps”
Motto America’s Corps[1]
Engagements World War I
World War II
Korean War
Iraq War

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