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USA MOLLE Fighting Load Carrier Vest

 The USA MOLLE Fighting Load Carrier Vest top portion is Nylon Mesh with MOLLE Webbing. The Waist is Padded All Around for Comfort and has MOLLE Webbing. It has a Full Zipper Front with 2 – Quick Release Chest Straps. The vest attaches to All Other MOLLE Components.

Worn high on the chest, this vest is one-size-fits all. The height is adjustable using the rear webbing straps, and the waist features a sideways “T”-shaped webbing sandwich tab on each side that can be slotted in at any place on the belt to adjust width. If need be, you can even un-thread the webbing from the inner rear buckles, so the waist can be narrowed even more. This vest is literally covered in Universal straps, and is designed to hold any number of combat loadouts. It can be zipped up, or buckled if worn over body armor. Also features two quick-release removable GhillieTex D-rings for other attachments.

Made in USA.

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