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Misco Refractometer 7084VP

Test antifreeze, engine coolants, and heat-transfer fluids.

Fahrenheit MISCO 7084VP+ analog refractometer for testing ethylene glycol freezing point, propylene glycol freeze point, and the state of charge in lead-acid batteries. Test antifreeze, engine coolants, and heat-transfer fluids. The bright easy to read scale provides direct readings of propylene glycol freeze point as low as -60°F and ethylene glycol as low as -84°F. Automatic temperature compensation provides immediate, accurate, direct readings without the need to measure temperature or apply a correction.

The MISCO Glycol & Battery Tester is also the most accurate means of determining state-of-charge or specific gravity readings for electrolyte in lead-acid batteries.

ONLY MISCO Refractometer come equipped with the patented View Point Illuminator. View Point is a light source with a self-contained power supply that provides extra illumination for the scale inside the instrument, improving the contrast and accuracy of the reading.

The refractometer is designed be used with or without the View Point. Automatic-temperature-compensation eliminates the need for measuring temperatures and applying a correction factor. Other instruments cannot surpass the range and response time of the temperature compensation of this unit. Instruments without temperature compensation simply can’t measure up.

All MISCO Refractometers are tested by two points. Two-point calibration make this the most accurate hand-held refractometer available.

This is a very powerful and simple to use unit that has the unsurpassed quality of MISCO

Product is in excellent condition. Here are actual pictures of the refractometer.

Misco Refractometer Misco Refractometer

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