Ms. Whoop Ass Pepper Spray


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When you're in a tight spot, open a can of Whoop Ass on them! Ms. Whoop Ass that is. Effectively forces attackers not just to run but hide. Convenient leather case with attached split key ring will keep it by your side and ready for any situation.

  • 4 million scoville heat units derivative
  • Maximum allowable by human conscience
  • 17% Pepper spray
  • Water based solution
  • For self defense only
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in 3/4oz, 4oz, and the massive 16oz cans!

For this product to be fully effective, you must engulf the assailant's face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth. This product generally has a range of up to 10 to 12 feet. Wind and other conditions may alter the range or effectiveness. Shield your eyes and face if you must fire into the wind. Avoid spraying into the wind if possible.

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