No-Shine (NS-T-503) Army Recruiter Badge Gold


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 U.S. Army Army Recruiter Identification Badge - Gold

U.S. Army Army Recruiter Identification Badge – Gold

Criteria: Awarded to U.S. Army personnel assigned as active recruiters in the United States Army. The basic badge is a silver crest and may be upgraded with three gold achievement stars, centered beneath the badge. Achievement beyond the award of the 3rd gold star is signified in the awarding of a gold recruiter badge. Further achievement awards for the “Gold Badge Recruiter” are annotated by sapphire stars placed at the bottom of the crest. The Army Recruiter Badge is initially presented as a temporary decoration and is worn on the left pocket, beneath standard award ribbons. Permanent award of the Recruiter Badge may be authorized by battalion commanders with final approval from the headquarters element of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. Those permanently awarded the Recruiter Badge may wear the decoration for the remainder their military careers. In those cases, the badge is displayed on the left uniform pocket. The Army previously issued the Reserve Recruiter Badge for those recruiters who were assigned to deal only with United States National Guard and Army Reserve recruitment. The Army Reserve Recruiter Badge is today declared obsolete and all Army recruiters wear the standard Recruiter Badge.

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