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1/2″ Small Wrist Band Plastic Buckles: Curved Wrist Strap Buckles  #11411

The P-153-12, small, curved plastic buckle comes with 1/2″ slots at both ends for strap attachments. One end has two slots which allows you to incorporate an adjustable feature to any strap. This item can be used with wrist bands or straps, or as a watch or shoe strap. 

1/2" Small Wrist Band Plastic Buckles: Curved Wrist Strap Buckles

5/8″ Curved Plastic Buckles: Curved Wrist Band, Wrist Strap Buckles  #11412

The double slot opening on one end of the detachable curved buckle allows strap materials to be made with an adjustable feature. 

P-153-16 comes with slot openings of 5/8″ on each end and features easy-to-release latches on both sides. Some sample applications this item can be used with include, but not limited to, clothing apparel, bag straps, or wrist lanyards

5/8" Curved Plastic Buckles: Curved Wrist Band, Wrist Strap Buckles

1″ Side Release Buckles: Plastic Buckle For Bag Straps or Vest Straps  #11440

Some common applications for our P-006 side release buckle series include, but are not limited to, backpacks and messenger bags, lanyards and straps, as well as various types of clothing.

P-006-25 has 1″ slots at both ends for straps. This buckle detaches when the side-release area is pressed 


1" Side Release Buckles: Plastic Buckle For Bag Straps or Vest Straps

3/4″ Small Sized Side Release Plastic Buckles: For Straps  #11413

The small side release buckle has 3/4″ openings at both ends for various types of straps. Easily unhook the buckle by pressing both sides of the press-release area at the same time (please refer to the picture above). P-006-20 can be used with various items such as animal collars, vests or marine clothing, lanyards, or even bag straps. 


Duraflex Stealth Side Squeeze Buckle 1″  #6009

Stealth Buckle


3/4″ & 1″  National Molding Duckbill Tension Lock Triglide Slides  #6018, #6016


Duckbill tension locks, sometimes called ladder locks, are frequently seen on backpack straps and are used for a variety of different uses. Durable and dependable, these 1 inch tension locks are great for replacements on backpacks, uses for tie downs, hiking, camping, and other survival situations. The curved design of this duckbill lock allows for easy threading of webbing through and holding in place with tension. Whether releasing or tightening, one handed adjustment is made simple with the lift of a tab.


– Mouth width: 1″ 
– Length: 1.67″ with tab 
– Outside width: 1.25″ 

Notes on Use:

D-rings, buckle, triglides etc. are sized by the webbing or straps they are meant to be used with. These work with 1″ webbing or straps.


3/4″ & 1″ Medium Size Plastic Swivel Hooks: For Flat Straps #6004, #6005

The medium sized, plastic swivel hook, P-017-25, comes equipped with a wide, rectangular, flat strap head great for straps up to 1″ in width. This product may be used as an attachment to a lanyard or handbag strap.



Standard Triglide # 6019

The Triglide Strap Adjuster is perfect in any strap or webbing application where variable length is required. It also works well in combination with other buckles as a means of securing loose webbing needs.

  • Engineered to grip webbing securely, yet readily adjustable.


Quik Attach Tensionlock #6016

 Unique slotted bar, designed to simply slip onto a fixed sewn webbing loop.Great for field repairs or a simple means to attach pockets

Pop-Lock Cord Lock #6007

We can only describe this as a side release cord lock. The parts come preloaded with the hole in allignment, which makes it significantly easier for factory operators to install the cord locks onto garments, sleeping bags or backpacks. By simply squeezing the sides after the cord has been passed through the holes, the locking mechanism, springs up, pinching the cord. The all-stainless steel spring offers a 30% stronger lock than other competitive versions and althought the Pop-Lock® is a compact in size, it affords a larger opening to accomodate larger cords. 

Suspender Buckle

Sturdier but less costly than competitive imported versions

Stainless Steel D Shackle

The Stainless Steel D Shackle has some of the most interesting survival applications. The shackle itself can support up to 2,600 lbs of weight. Also, because it is made of stainless steel, it does not rust. So for survival situations, this makes for the best choice of paracord bracelet enclosure.

Stainless Steel D Shackle


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