USMC Ceremonial Sword and Sabre


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USMC Ceremonial Sword and Sabre

The Marine Corps noncommissioned officer’s sword is a sword worn by noncommissioned officers (NCOs) and staff noncommissioned officers (SNCOs) of the United States Marine Corps.

The sword’s use is restricted by regulation to ceremonial occasions by an NCO or Staff NCO in charge of troops under arms or at weddings and wedding receptions; where at least one of those being married is in uniform and has the rank of Corporal or higher.

The sword is patterned after the United States Army’s foot officers’ sword of 1850, with minor differences. NCO swords initially were equipped with heavy, wide blades similar in shape and weight to those typically used on standard Army M1850 foot officers’ swords. Unlike the Army officers’ blades, however, the blades on old Marine NCO swords were polished bright but not etched. The familiar etched designs on Marine NCO swords were authorized in 1875 regulations, and they have been a standard feature of Marine NCO swords ever since.

Marine NCO swords feature a cast-brass hilt with a half-basket guard; leather-wrapped grip bound with twisted brass wire; a slightly curved, single-edged blade with a wide central fuller and short false edge; and a black-leather scabbard with two brass mounts, including an upper mount with a stud for carrying in a leather belt frog, and a brass tip with drag. – USMC Ceremonial Sword and Sabre information found on. Wikipedia

USMC Ceremonial Sword and Sabre

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