XM Commander


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XM Commander

One big idea can change everything, and XM Satellite Radio is one big idea: Radio to the Power of X®. America’s most popular satellite radio service gives you the power to choose what you want to hear—wherever and whenever you want it. XM offers 70 music channels—more than any other satellite radio service—plus 30 channels of news, talk, sports, and entertainment. That’s 100 basic channels in all, for a low monthly subscription.

Additional devices may qualify for a reduced subscription fee through the XM Family Plan. Exploring the radio dial was never like this. Find the spirit and the passion that made radio fun, now reborn in all-digital sound without endless commercial interruptions. Get to know the richness and range of 100 channels of continuous programming. XM is a sonic frontier where you’ll discover a new kind of radio.

XM Commander allows you to receive and play XM’s 100 digital channels over your existing vehicle audio system. Integrated seamlessly into your existing vehicle sound system**, the XM Commander provides endless hours of rich radio entertainment— Radio to the Power of X®!

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XM Commander

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