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ALFA1 GI Military Water Filter Canteen

ALFA1’s Filtered Canteen is designed and manufactured to strict military specifications and standards in 1 quart and 2 quart capacities. This canteen contains durable USFDA Grade composite plastic resins and materials. Containing a unique screw-cap enclosure designed for positioning and retaining patented ALFA1 Cartridge System. The Filtration Cartridge System is designed to provide fresh, clean water free of contaminants anytime, anywhere up to 500 fills. This specially developed portable purification system ensures an instant flow of fresh drinking water. Which will be free from suspended particles, chemical, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, organic compounds and pesticides.

You’ll have peace of mind when travelling, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities for instant supply of freshly filtered water when needed. Our patented ALFA1 Filtered Canteen Personal Water Filtration System (PWFS) removes 99.99% of bacteria resulting in protection from protozoa, including Salmonella, E-coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, heavy metals, VOC’s, and more. It is the perfect and uniquely designed water filter system to filter water from the nearest stream, puddle, or pond. It’s an instant filter, so you never pump or wait for chemicals to react. It’s a compact, ultra-light, system solution for clean drinking water in the field, travel, home, office any time anywhere. Don’t bother carrying heavy water bottles, simply drink from the nearest river or stream.


Complete Kit Includes:

  • Sport Cap
  • Cap Strap
  • Filter
  • Collapsible Body


  • Available in OD only.
  • The filter cleans up to 500 liters per cartridge or 500 fills.
  • Durable USFDA Composite Plastic Materials
  • 100% Recyclable
  • USFDA Medical Grade Silicone Seals/Gaskets
  • Patented Filter uses FDA Hollow Fibers and is ECO and User Friendly, Maintenance Free, Affordable, and Ready For Use
  • Ideal for disaster relief, military, outdoor, travel, office, home, camping, recreational, health, fitness, and daily use.
  • NANO Water Filter Cartridge is good for 2-3 Months and replaces 1,800 single-use plastic bottle each year!

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