Triple Threat Kit


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Triple Threat Kit

Surprise him this Father’s Day with the Nebo Triple Threat kit! Three great lights at one unbeatable price!

Torchy 600 Flex –

This upgraded version of the Torchy 500 is a perfect light to keep handy. This small, but mighty pocket flashlight can perform well around the house, on a jobsite or in the outdoors. The durable aircraft-grade aluminum housing is designed to protect against drops and is also water-resistant. Coming in with a staggering 600 lumen, few flashlights of this size can compare!

MYCRO 250 –

Hands-free performance that’s head and shoulders above the competition, literally. The MYCRO 250+ delivers 250 lumens of brightness and puts the light you need right where you need it. Wear it on your hat with the detachable cap clip, or use the adjustable head strap. Either way, this rechargeable wonder frees up your hands and comfortably lights the way to more productivity when it’s dark out.

Galilieo Tempest 350 Lantern –

The Galileo Tempest 350 is mini, yet mighty in features and versatility making it the perfect backpacking light. While Most lanterns only offer a single 360- degree beam pattern, the Galileo Tempest offers 120-degree, 360-degree and spot beam versatility in a compact size that won’t add bulk or weight to your pack.

The 360-degree pattern is best suited for providing balanced area lighting such as at a campsite or inside a tent.

The 120-degree pattern is ideal for projecting light directly in front of you as you walk on a path or hike on a trail.

The spot beam pattern functions like a flashlight to direct light at extended distances well beyond the average lantern.

Attach, hang, carry, or mount the lantern just about anywhere with the multi-use lanyard, dual hanging hooks or magnetic base.

With 8 light modes, variable dimming, and a Direct-to-Red feature you can adapt to any situation while conserving your night vision as well as battery life. Powered by 3AA batteries, the lantern boasts 350 max lumens and up to a 40-hour run time.

Designed to be IPX7 waterproof, the Galileo Tempest performs in the rain and can even be submerged making it stormproof and ready to venture with you into the outdoors.

The Triple Threat Kit will make a perfect gift for anyone regardless of hobbies.

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