IPFU PT Shorts


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IPFU PT Shorts

physical training uniform is a military uniform used during exercise, calisthenics, drills. In some cases, very casual periods of time (off-duty time during Initial Entry Training in the U.S. Army, for example).

Most militaries, especially the United States Armed Forces and their auxiliaries require use of a physical training uniform during unit exercise. This includes formation runs, calisthenics, and conditioning exercises. All items worn by military personnel conducting physical training as a group are subject to uniformity, at commander discretions. However, some U.S. military units produce unique T-shirts with their unit insignia and motto, and for special events, this shirt is part of the uniform.

Apart from that, these shorts are great for lounging around in, lake and river wear, working out, sports, or just to wear outside doing yard work. Some come with an inner liner which can be easily trimmed off at one’s discretion or need. Being made of 100% polyester, these shorts are quick to dry out and keep you going all day.

The IPFU PT Shorts are surplus and are in good condition. These are older issue PT shorts with the silver Army logo versus the newer style with the golden Army logo.

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