1 Qt Canteen


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1 Qt Canteen

Plastic Water Canteen (M1961)

The term canteen comes from the French word “cantine.” Which means, “a sutler’s shop, a storage vault or a storage corner.” By 1744 it came to designate a “small container for water carried by solders on the march.” This term came over into English as the word “canteen” with the same meaning.

Beginnings in 1942 canteens were manufactured of alternate materials to substitute for aluminum. Then Porcelain plated canteens made in 1942 only. Following, plastic canteens made from 1942 to 1944. Then corrosive resistant steel canteens were made from 1942 to 1945. A black resin plastic (Bakelite) canteen cap was specified and assembled on all production canteens. The first pattern having a flat top, and the second pattern with a recessed top (beginning in 1943).

After considerable experimentation, a 1 Qt Canteen made of olive drab polyethylene and designated the M-1961. This became the Army standard in September of 1962, replacing the aluminum and stainless steel canteens. Which these continued in use as secondary standard until the early 1970s. Introduced in 1966, the M-17A1 protective mask had a drinking tube. They changed the cap of the 1961 canteen by the addition of a small connecting hole in the center of the cap with a cover that snapped into place. Replacement covers were issued for older canteen then in use.

These canteens are genuine issue surplus and are in good/great quality. All perfectly capable of still holding water and are safe for use.

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